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Auditing, developing and implementing an effective HR department requires in-depth knowledge of organizational structure, mission and compliance on local, state and federal levels. Better Man HR offers more than 30 years of combined experience in the following business units.

Business Units

Staffing & Security

For more than 25 years, members of our support team has provided security services to protect citizens who attend high profile events such as college football and basketball games and large concerts. We can implement an HR department specific to your security organization.


After writing more than 700 articles in 18 publications on the East Coast, our specialist knows exactly what print &  internet editors and publishers are looking for. We can assist in implementing an HR department for your publishing company.


Admin support is critical to the overall operation of any business structure. Such task could include but are not limited to answering phones, scheduling meetings, event planning and other clerical responsibilities. We can help with those tasks by providing on-site support or virtual assistance. 


With the ability to communicate effectively across the airways to millions of listeners, we bring more than 20 years of communications strategies to BMHR. We can provide guidelines and implement strategies for your organization while developing an effective HR department. 

Public Affairs & Relations

With more than 10 years of proven results, our  specialist in public affairs affords BMHR the opportunity of bringing this level of experience to our firm. To know the impact of public notification is an intricate aspect of ALL organizations. 


Education on all levels is important. The onset of such, begins during Early Childhood Education. With more than 25 years of experience in organizing, designing and implementing ECE programs compliant with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, BMHR can lead your human resources department to success.

Child Care Express

A BMHR Division dedicated to fostering the growth & development of children.

Child Care Partners

HR Components

Talent Acquisition & Recruitment


Compensation & Benefits

Employee Relations

Training & Development

Health & Safety